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Maintain Actual Unit in Primavera P6 by: Adel Aliaskari,PMP

One of my friends ask me a question about Primavera P6.Following please find the question and answer:
QUESTION: In (P6) How can I fix actual units in updated schedule this month to put the actual units of the next period and can see this in the units flow distribution? Because when I do an update from baseline primavera distribute the total units along the total previous duration linear which is wrong

ANSWER: For solving your problem, you should use Financial Periods and Store Period Performance tools contemporary. At first step, track the following route for defining financial periods. It means you define some periods to maintain data of them.

Admin, Financial periods

In this window define your required periods (in your case, select every 1 month) and batch start and finish date.finaly press the batch create bottom to define periods. In the following picture, I defined 12 monthly batch for a period between sep,2011 Until sep,2012 to maintain my monthly data between this period.

After that, in the second step after entering actual data (Dates, Units , Costs …) to time schedule plan and reschedule it  ,You want to maintain this period data, then comes to tools menu and select store period performance . You will see a period, which your data date is place in it. You can do it for each update period and export result file and archive it to make a database of your project and then press the store now bottom. For review the information of each batch, you can add Actual this period Labor/Nonlabor Unit column to your view and seethe result of selected period.

To see the distribution of units, you should select Activity Usage Profile view, right click on a blank space, and select options. Then customize your view for cost or Units and set other options .There is not any option to see this period Units in this view

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A few Refrences about Project Finance by: Adel Aliaskari,PMP

One of my friends has requested me to introduce some reference books about project finance. Follow find a short list of usable books about this topic:

  1. Principle of Project Finance                written by:E.R.Yescombe
  2. Introduction  to Project Finance        written by: Andrew Fight
  3. Public Private Partnership                   written by:E.R.Yescombe
  4. The law and business of international project finance   written by:Scott L.Hoffman
  5. Project finance in developing countries        IFC Published
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