Maturity Models in Project Management

There are two major points of view for evaluating maturity in a projectized
organization. The first approach evaluates maturity of organization project
management and the second one is dedicated to evaluate a single project. An
organizational model intends to compare capabilities of your organization with a
predefined idealistic organization model and best practices, then at the
result, reveal the areas of weakness and opportunities of your organization. These
models focus on your process and procedures and generally classified your
organization in one of its levels.

A projectise model compare a single project with a model and concludes a
report in alignment with the achievement of project goals. Most of this kind of
models use for evaluating a project in award ceremonies and don’t show the
level of maturity in your organization and route of improvement.

Some of most famous of them is listed below

Organizational Approaches:                     

  1. OPM3 (Organizational
    Project Management Maturity Model) - has 4 levels of maturity in Portfolio,
    Program and project levels. The concept of OPM3 is based on the idea that there
    is a correlation between an organization’s capabilities in Project Management,
    Program Management, and Portfolio Management, And its effectiveness in
    implementing strategy (Standardize, Measure, Control and Improve)

  2. Kerzner Model (Project
    Management Maturity Model)-has 5 levels(Common language, Common Process, Singular
    Methodology, Benchmarking and Continues improvement)

  3. Wysocki Model-has 5 levels(Initial
    Process, Structured process, Institutional Process, Managed Process and
    Optimizing process)

  4. Traditional Model- has 5
    levels (Initial, Repeatable, Defined, Managed and Optimized)

  5. Prince 2 Model –has 3

  6. CMMI(SEI) Model –Has 5
    levels (Initial, Managed, Defined ,Quantitatively Managed and Optimizing)

  7. Ronald Garies Model


Project Evaluation

  1. PMPMM

  2. PM-Solution

  3. IPMA (PEM)

  4. Project Health Check

Undoubtedly you know some other models which
are not listed here.Please furnish me with your comments about this post and
share your knowledge with others.


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