Earned Value Management System (EVMS)

How do you manage your project? A simple question with a difficult and
complicate answer. So many institute and university around the globe work on
this subject seriously to find the better ways for manage projects. As time
goes on, our level of managements increasing gradually by increasing in
knowledge, skills and tools.

Let's back to my question: Which method is using by you for managing
your project?

Earned Value Management System (EVMS) is one of the most reputable
methodologies for manage projects which innovated by US Deputy of Defense (DOD)
in 1967.This method focused on managing cost of projects .This goal is achieved
by determine 32 criteria for establish a systematic approach in project management.
By implementing this method, moreover managing cost, you will have other
results. This method is simple to understand .Despite it is not comprehensive
as PMBOK for covering all aspects of managing projects but it is quite
impressive .This method determined 32 criteria in 5 aspects and as I said all
of criteria are cost oriented. These five chapters are:

 1. Organization                                 

2. Planning, scheduling and budgeting

3. Accounting consideration

4. Analysis and management reports

5. Revisions and data management

 This standard registered by ANSI
under the code number of ANSI/EIA 748


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